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All the Heroics.

None of the Hassle.

Discover a new way to do employee scheduling that won't make you crazy.

What is HeroChat?

HeroChat is a simple scheduling tool that lets you complete employee schedules in minutes and handle sick/vacation and shift trade requests in seconds.

Next you can share your schedule with staff and communicate directly via SMS text messaging.

And, Hero the Bot takes care of all employee questions, no onboarding, no training costs!

Free up hours of time. No training or onboarding. See it now.

We Understand, it can be Stressful.

That's why we're here to help.

All that, and Easy on the Budget too.


No Fees

Easy Access

Your budget is important, we know this. At HeroChat, we have budgets too. That’s why it’s our goal to help make sure HeroChat is cost-effective.

With HeroChat you pay a low monthly fee based on your specific needs. With no hidden costs, and no surprise fees.

Just sleek, easy-to-use tools that value your time and make scheduling fast and simple. No struggling with big, clunky solutions, no heavy investment in onboarding and no hidden costs.

Just sign up, activate your employees and Hero’s got you covered, all without breaking the bank.

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Sign up for a free HeroChat account within seconds!

Upload staff names and phone numbers.

Send out activation texts and start scheduling.

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